A meaningful business education translates into a lifetime of opportunities and a successful future. The Management Department combines research and reality to offer the best of the classroom and the business world integrated in a rigorous way.

Our Department seeks to improve the lives of people in Botswana, and internationally, through integrated, high-quality programmes in teaching, research, consultancy, and outreach. As a community of academic and administrative staff and students, our vision is to achieve the highest levels of influence in the professionalisation of management education and practice.

We are committed to the University of Botswana (UB) Vision, that: "The University of Botswana will be a leading academic centre of excellence in Africa and the world."


Business today is about facts, perceptions, quality, sensitivity and speed. To excel requires the ability to process information, draw conclusions, make decisions, call for action, and elicit change. At the Management Department we want to ensure that students learn how to succeed in this very demanding arena.

As a team we are a committed, resourceful, student-centred staff, working to make sure that the learning environment supports each student's opportunity to maximize their potential. We engage in collaborative activities with educational, industrial, and other partners locally and overseas, to disseminate and apply knowledge.

The Department prepares students for careers in the continuously changing professional environments of business, information technology, public and private organizations. As our mission, we shall strive at all times to offer quality professional management training that will open up frontiers for learning, research, personal development, and employment opportunities.

Our mission is in line with UB's mission: "To advance the intellectual and human resource capability of the nation and the international community."


In order to achieve our Vision and Mission, we pursue the following objectives:

  • To train young and mature professionals with high potentiality in the area of business management, to produce motivated, qualified and flexible professional managers and management experts who will have developed:
    • familiarity with wide-ranging management skills and operating techniques,
    • the capacity and confidence in assessing and analysing complex problems and in making vital managerial decisions,
    • the ability to deal with sensitive business matters rationally, diligently and in a convincing fashion
    • a clear overview of how the different aspects of business relate to each other and a flexibility to fit into wide-ranging business functions
    • the overall mastery of skills and conceptual frameworks that will enhance their capability in dealing with complex and dynamic business environment and an appreciation and understanding of practical approaches of management knowledge
  • To achieve a position of national leadership in the study of entrepreneurship by actively being involved in teaching, research, and consultancy, and rendering professional services to the society at large
  • To train and develop young management professionals in order to ensure continuity in the management cadre and diffusion of knowledge in both the private and public sectors
  • To promote strong links with the institutional capacities representing the broad economic sectors in general and the business community in particular.

In pursuit of academic excellence