If you are thinking of a career in business, consider what accountants do. They are at the centre of business operations of all kinds. More specifically:

  • They work with business enterprises to develop business strategies
  • They assist Board of Directors by implementing corporate controls
  • They help investors by analysing company performance
  • They help government to develop new measures to improve economic efficiency
  • They work with all types of business enterprises to measure and communicate financial performance.

An Accounting graduate can suitably work in any industry, commercial sector, service organisation, financial sector, transport industry, public sector, government, education department, agriculture, legal services, tourism, social service organisation, accounting firms, counselling centres and even in defence.

Accounting offers competitive starting salaries and long-term growth potential. It is a degree that equips you to do just about anything you want in the business world. A good background in accounting will serve you well no matter where your career takes you.

Careers in Finance

The Bachelor of Finance Programme aims at providing quality graduates with skills in:

  • financial management
  • international finance
  • international monetary system
  • investment management
  • credit management,
  • banking practice
  • marketing of financial services
  • credit risk management
  • actuarial analysis
  • corporate risk management
  • tax planning and insurance.

Careers in Business Information Systems

The Bachelor of Information Systems (Business Information Systems) programme will equip students with skills to function as:

  • systems analysts and programmers,
  • systems integrators,
  • network administrators,
  • database administrators,
  • web-developers,
  • systems security experts and end-user specialists,
  • computer auditors,
  • project managers
  • telecommunications specialists.

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