The Faculty of Business was established in 1997 and is one of the fast growing faculties in the University.  

The University of Botswana’s new strategic plan “A Strategy for Excellence” has identified a  strong vision for the University “To be a leading academic centre of excellence in Africa and the World” and identifies six strategic priority areas through which the Vision and Mission is to be accomplished. They comprise, Expanding Access and Participation, Providing Relevant and high quality programmes, Intensifying Research Performance, Strengthening Engagement, Improving student experience and Enhancing Human Resources to achieve excellence in Delivery. 

In line with the above, the Faculty of Business has positioned itself to become one of the leading business schools in Africa and the rest of the world. We are very actively involved in addressing the strategic priority areas to achieve our vision. The Faculty has currently four academic departments, viz. Department of Accounting and Finance, Department of Management, Department of Marketing and Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management. These departments run undergraduate programmes in Accountancy, Finance, Business Information Systems, Business Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management, Marketing, International Business and Tourism and Hospitality Management. In addition the Faculty offers Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with specialization streams in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, Information Systems and Tourism and Hospitality Management. These are market driven programmes that produce industry-ready graduates who will meet the expectations of our stakeholders. To expand the access and participation in these programmes, the Faculty offers most of these programmes on full time, part-time, modular and distance learning modes. The Faculty also continues to offer the Diploma in Accounting and Business Studies on part-time basis to cater to the training needs in the area of business. 

The establishment of UB Graduate School of Business (GSB) in the Faculty of Business provides a landmark in the effort of UB and of the Faculty to expand access and participation. With the vision to become one the pre-eminent Business Schools in the International Business School arena, the GSB will focus on graduate programme development, enhancement of research and offer a wide range of consultancy and executive education programmes. 

Our PhD programme in Business and the membership of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) to represent Botswana in the largest research consortium worldwide, clearly illustrates our contribution to make UB a research intensive university in the very near future. The Faculty is also on its way to establish a Centre for Entrepreneurial Development within the Faculty of Business. This will enable the Faculty to produce more industry ready graduates by making entrepreneurship education more effective. Students will have meaningful interactions with entrepreneurs, will be involved in actual entrepreneurial projects, work in multi-disciplinary   project teams and will be evaluated by entrepreneurs and investors as well as by academic staff. At present, the functions of the proposed Center is partially covered by the Business Clinic which is a unit working under the Faculty of Business. It provides entrepreneurship awareness and training to the students and gives them the opportunity to gain relevant practical business experience. Other activities in which the Business Clinic is engaged include training, counseling and advice to entrepreneurs, research and consultancy services. 

Faculty of Business is also enthusiastic to enhance engagement with our stakeholders by playing an important role in capacity building through executive development programmes. We regularly run business skill development programmes both for private and public sectors. I also wish to add that UB has established linkages and partnerships with a number of top ranking Universities to strengthen its international and regional engagements. Prominent business schools use international partnerships to enhance their academic programmes, research, consultancy capacity and executive education and to attract qualified visiting faculty. We are actively engaged in partnership activities with Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania), Marshall School of Business (University of Southern California), Ohio University College of Business, Shanghai Normal University, Chartered Institute of Purchase and Supply, Bourse Africa and with Cresta Marakanelo in Botswana. 

We are currently working in a climate of growth and change. This is exciting, challenging and rewarding. It also provides opportunity for both personal growth and the chance to influence the future of the faculty. Our culture is collaborative, friendly and informal, yet professional and hardworking. The remarkable building offers a unique environment to work in.

In pursuit of academic excellence