Disability Support

The University of Botswana is non-discriminatory in its admission procedures and provides an inclusive learning and living environment. We are committed to providing wider access, high quality, and innovative services to students with disabilities. With us you can realize your academic, career and personal goals.

We offer reasonable accommodations and services which include, but not limited to; assistive technologies, assistive services for daily living, and specialized transport (e.g. motorized wheel chairs and wheel chair accessible transport).

For more information about our services and how to register with the Disability Support Services Unit contact us at the Student Centre or call us on +267 355 4540/4992/4183/2768.

Register and get Support

Request for academic accommodations can be made as soon a student receives an acceptance to the University of Botswana or anytime through the academic year. In order to ensure that you receive the support you need, it is vital that you register with DSSU.


Orientation and mobility

Blindness or vision impairment should not deter you in your daily life. Our orientation and mobility training equips you with skills for independent and safe travel. Our qualified and friendly staff are on hand to cater for your individual needs.

Visit our offices to find out how you can start enjoying independent and productive living.


Do you have any difficulties in writing? Not being able to write should not hamper your academic needs. Our professional and competent team of scribes will produce a word perfect transcription of your dictation in a typed or handwritten format for all your assessments.

Make your learning a positive experience. Visit or call our office to find out how.

Alternative text format e.g. Braille, enlarged font

The ability to read and write in Braille (and other alternative text formats) leads to a barrier-free learning environment. It is an important gateway to opportunity for you as a blind or partially sighted person, enabling you to be independent. Our qualified, experienced and friendly staff is on hand to cater for your individual needs.

Braille is key. Visit our offices to find out how you can be empowered.

Assistive technology labs

With fully equipped assistive technology labs, your production and processing of information is never compromised. Through specialized software and hardware (e.g. JAWS, desktop magnifier, personal FM system, pearl camera), we enhance your inclusive access to information. Our professional, qualified and friendly staff is ready to facilitate your efficient and independent learning.

Through technology you are enabled. Visit our offices for more information.

Special transport

  • wheel chair accessible transport
  • Motorised wheel chairs

Other services

  • Care support
  • Activities of daily living
  • Sighted guide

In pursuit of academic excellence