The key areas of the Department’s focus are English and Linguistics, Theatre, English and African Literature and Literature of the African Diaspora. The Department welcomes both undergraduate and graduate students to its intensive BA and graduate programmes

The Department boasts of an impressive staff complement, a balanced mix of new and well-established academics, with which it services its increasingly popular BA, MA and MPhil/PhD programmes. Some of Botswana’s well known writers, including Prof. John MoteaneMelamu and Mr. BarolongSeboni, are members of the Department.
The Department’s staff is of the firm belief that a serious consideration of prose, poetry and drama offers good training for senior executives, administrators as well as teachers and creative artists,since it develops a ready sympathy for human needs balanced against a realistic comprehension of the human situation. This philosophy drives the rapport that exists between students and staff in the Department, and between the Department and all those who wish to collaborate with it.

In brief, the Department is dedicated to making its students, staff and friends happy through the pursuit of excellent teaching and scholarship.

In pursuit of academic excellence