Institutional Planning

The Department of Institutional Planning (IP) supports institutional planning processes and policy analysis and development. Responsibility for the primary activities of the Department is divided between two units as follows:

Institutional Research

The unit is responsible for:

  1. Collecting, maintaining, and analyzing data about the university
  2. Assisting Management with interpretation of university data, for long-term planning

This unit serves as a repository for summary information about students and staff. This information is updated annually on a fixed schedule, and the relevant facts form the basis for the annual UB Factbook publication. 

Physical Planning

The unit is responsible for:

  1. Coordinating the development of campus facilities
  2. Supervising the construction of new buildings

This unit develops and updates the campus Master Plan according to projected future needs of the university. When a requirement for new facilities has been determined, it oversees facilities development from initial architect's concepts through to completion of the new building.

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