The Human Resources Department (HR) is one of the Departments under the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Finance and Administration. Among its many functions the Department is responsible for providing professional advice on the labour laws, it ensures that the General Conditions are continuously aligned to the decisions of Council and the laws of Botswana, ensures that the University is staffed with appropriately qualified and experienced personnel in the areas of teaching, research, academic related and other support services. At full strength the Department also has as its mandate the promotion of Human Resources policies, remuneration, performance management and reward strategies to ensure that the University attracts, motivates and retains the staff needed to enable the institution to full-fill its mission as a key component of Botswana's higher education process.

There are four sections in the HR Department

  • Appointments & Administration (Academic & Support)
    The Appointments & Administration Section is divided into two units namely Academic and Support which are responsible for appointment and administration of academic and support staff respectively. This section is responsible for the efficient provision of recruitment and selection services to line departments and faculties and implementing human resource polices and practices.
  • Staff Training & Development Section
    This section is responsible for; developing cost effective strategies and policies; and for planning, coordinating, organizing and evaluating training and development programmes, to ensure that the University is staffed with suitably qualified and experienced personnel to enhance the quality and standard of the University's academic programmes and services and the efficient delivery of support services.
  • Employee Relations Section
    The primary role of this section is to promote positive employee relations through the establishment of effective communication and consultation strategies and procedures, the equitable treatment of staff, speedy resolution of disputes and grievances and the development of an organizational climate conducive to productivity, performance excellence and the achievement of institutional goals.
  • Employee Welfare & Benefits Section
    This section is responsible for planning, organizing and controlling the administration of the University's staff housing, benefits and welfare schemes in the most cost effective manner in accordance with established policies and procedures to ensure equity and enhance the ability of the University to attract, retain and motivate staff.

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