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Dr. Tshepo Mogapaesi


Faculty of Social Sciences



Location: 230/119
Phone: 3552330
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  • Doctor of Laws (North-West University) 2018
  • Master of Laws (North-West University) 2014
  • Bachelor of Laws (University of Botswana) 2012

Dr. Mogapaesi is a former student of the University of Botswana's Law Department. She began her academic career with the University in 2016. In 2018, she graduated with a Doctorate from the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus), making her the youngest and third Motswana woman to attain this highest degree in law in Botswana. Dr. Mogapaesi describes herself as a social justice enthusiast and feminist. She is passionate about inclusivity and subscribes to the notion of "leaving no one behind". Dr. Mogapaesi is an Attorney-at-Law; admitted to practice before the courts of Botswana. She is a fellow of the Alliance for African Partnerships in Michigan State University. 


Labour Relations Law, Advanced Labour Law, Social Security Law 


  • Labour and Employment Rights
  • Labour and employment aspects in Company Law 
  • International Labour Law
  • Social Security Law
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Women and Children's rights
  • Social Welfare and the Law

Labour Law, Social Security Law

Mogapaesi T., "An overview of Maternity Protection in Botswana: A Critique of the Employment Act through the International Labour Organization's Maternity Protection Convention Lens" De Jure Law Journal (2022)  Accessible at 

Mogapaesi T., "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Women's Access to Justice: Lessons for Botswana from a South African Perspective" Commonwealth Law Bulletin (2019) Accessible at

Mogapaesi T., "An Assessment of the Legal Framework Pertaining to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Botswana" University of Botswana Law Journal (2018) 103-125

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