Staff Profiles

Dr Delly Chatibura

  • PhD. Tourism Management
  • MSc. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • BTech. Honour's in Hospitality and Tourism

Chatibura joined the University in 2009, as a Lecturer in the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, having worked at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and at Chinhoyi University of Technology, amongst other places. 

She is responsible for teaching hospitality courses at undergraduate level and for research supervision at undergraduate and graduate level.

She has published widely and has presented research papers at conferences in Africa and Europe. She was the African representative of the scientific committee for the 1st International Conference on Tourism and Entrepreneurship (Indonesia). She is currently one of the editorial members of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management and has served as a reviewer for a number of journals. Her interests centre around culinary heritage, culinary tourism and hospitality education and training.

  • Culinary tourism development 
  • Marketing of culinary tourism destinations
  • Hospitality education and training
  • Business intelligence systems use in hospitality 

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