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Miss Keneilwe Nkgola Mmopi

Ms. Keneilwe N. Mmopi

Faculty of Medicine

Biomedical Sciences


Location: Main campus, Block 247 office 312
Phone: +267 355 5367
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MSc (Exercise and Sport Science)- University of Sydney, Australia; 

Human Resources Management (Diploma, Botswana Open University);

PhD candidate (Cardiovascular pathophysiology)- University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Over 25 years experience teaching human physiology at tertiary institutions. Has interest in cardiovascular research. Also qualified in human resources management, and has held various supervisory and leadership roles over the years.   

Human physiology

Pathophysiology of hypertension in African ethnic groups.

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  2. Bello H, Norton GR, Peterson VR, Mmopi KN, Mthembu N, Libhaber CD, Masiu M, Da Silva Fernandes D, Bamaiyi AJ, Peters F, Sareli P, Woodiwiss AJ. Hemodynamic determinants of age versus left ventricular diastolic function relations across the full adult age range. Hypertension. 2020; 75: 1574-1583.
  3. Woodiwiss AJ, Mmopi KN*, Peterson V, Libhaber C, Bello H, Masiu M, Da Silva Fernandes D, Tade G, Mthembu N, Peters F, Sareli P, Norton GR. Distinct contribution of systemic blood flow to hypertension in an African population across the adult lifespan. Hypertension. 2020. DOI: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.120.14925

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