Staff Profiles

Prof. Kenneth Dipholo

BA (Public Administration and Political Science), University of Botswana

MSc (Rural Development), University of Birmingham, UK

PhD (Development Education), University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Prof Kenneth Dipholo has numerous publications in refereed journals, several conference, seminar and workshop presentations nationally, regionally and internationally in the areas of rural and community development, local government studies and political economy.   

Rural and Community Development, Extension Education, Lifelong Learning and Political Economy 

Rural & Community Development, Political Economy, Extension, Local Government and Lifelong Learning

Extension Studies, Rural Development, Local Government, Adult Popular Education 

Dipholo, K. & Mfudisi, A (2017). The church and the State in Botswana. In Sebudubudu, D., Ose-Hwedie & Tsie, B. (eds.). Botswana's Parliamentary Democracy Revisited. 78-90.

Dipholo, K. & Mothusi, B. (2005). Decentralization in Botswana. the reluctant processs. Journal of Social Development in Africa. Vol 20. 239-249.

Dipholo, K. (2002). Trends in Participatory Development. Journal of Social Development in Africa. Vol. 17. 59-79 

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