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Mr. Adam Master Mfundisi



Adam Mfundisi is a Lecturer with the  Department of Political & Administrative Studies of the University of Botswana. In this role, Adam Mfundisi teaches Public Administration and Management which includes Introduction to Public Administration, Public Policy Analysis, Human Resources Management and Research Methods in Public Administration. Adam Mfundisi is a qualified Lecturer in Public Administration and Management and holds an MA (Econ) in Development Administration and Management from the Victorian University of Manchester, UK. Prior to joining the University of Botswana, Adam Mfundisi spent three (3) as an instructor/lecturer at the then Botswana Institute of Administration & Commerce (BIAC). In this role, Adam Mfundisi was responsible for training of public servants in Public Administration and Management. 

Introduction to Public Administration (PA)

Research methods

Institutions and Processes in PA

Public Policy Analysis

Public Enterprise Management

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Development

Organization Development

Local Government Management

Public Policy Analysis

Central Government Administration

Public Enterprise management

Political Parties and Democracy

Local Governance



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Mfundisi, A. (2006). "Civic Participation and Voter Patterns in Botswana", Journal of African Elections, 5(2): 81-98

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