Staff Profiles

Miss Tshenolo N/A Tsheko

-Bachelor Degree in Hotel Operations; Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management; Mafikeng;South Africa

-Baccalaureate Degree in Hospitality Management Cape Peninsula University of Technology

-MA in Tourism Management; Beijing, China

-PhD Candidate in Food Safety and Nutrition; Zhejiang University

First Name: Tshenolo

Surname: Tsheko

Gender: Female

Nationality: Motswana

Occupation: University Lecturer

Tourism and Hospitality Courses

Current Courses;

Food and Beverage Operations

Food and Beverage Control

-Food Safety and Nutrition

-Food Safety and Service Quality Management

-Food service Consumer Choice

-Food Tourism

-Destination Street Food Influence on locals and International Tourists

-Contemporary Food and Beverage Production & Service in Hotels

-Food Tourism

-Food Safety and Nutrition

-Food and Beverage Service Consumer Choice

-Tsheko et al; 2020. Effects of consuming red furu (fermented bean curd) on serum vitamin B-12, homocysteine and other cardiometabolic risk factors in young healthy volunteers: A randomized controlled trial. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2020:29 (2):288-298

-Tsheko et al; 2020. Evaluation of vitamin B-12 content of fungi, eggs and fermented soy products. Journal of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology; A Chinese Publication.

In pursuit of academic excellence