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Dr. Kgosietsile Maripe


Faculty of Social Sciences

Social Work

Senior Lecturer

Location: 002673552686
Phone: 002675337221
Email Dr. Kgosietsile Maripe

  1. PhD North West University, South Africa
  2. Masters of Social Work, University of Botswana (UB)
  3. Bachelor of Social Work 2 (1) lady Khama award (UB)
  4. Diploma in Social Work  (UB)
  5. Certificate in Social Work  (UB)

Dr. Maripe K. is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work, University of Botswana. He has worked for the Botswana Public Service in the following sectors; Botswana Police Service, Bobirwa and Okavango Sub-District Councils, Administration of Justice,  and Botswana Red Cross Society. He worked as Disaster Management Officer with the BRCS, Bench Clerk in the Administration of Justice, Assistant Social Welfare Officer, and Police Inspector. He serves in a number of national committees which includes: National Committee on Disaster Management, the National Disaster Management Technical Committee, and the Sub-RECC (Ministry of Finance and Development Planning), and significantly contributed in a number of related projects.

Macro- Social work Practice

Psychology for social Workers

Community Resilience to Disasters / Crisis & Disaster Management

Probation (Juvenile Justice system)

Spirituality in Social Work

Gender Mainstreaming and Livelihoods

Community Resilience to disasters / Community Based Disaster Preparedness and Response

Early warning systems in Botswana / SADC region

Social work and Disasters

Spirituality in Social Work

Social Work Supervision

The Social needs of the Elderly 

His postgraduate supervision has been on

Community Development,  

Social Policy and Administration,

Gender & Poverty, Orphan care, 

Social Determinants of Divorce

Ex-Convicts and Community Reactions



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2. Maripe, K. & Rankopo, M. J. (2018) Community Vulnerability in Climate Disaster and Environmental Sustainability: A Botswana Perspective, in the Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 26(3):1-14 (ISSN 2457-1024)

3. Maripe, K. (2018) Social Work Perspective on Disaster Vulnerability and Resilience in Botswana in the Journal of Scientific Research and Reports, 18(2): 1-10 (ISSN 2320-0227)

4. Maripe, K & Setlalentoa, B.M.P (2017) Community Vulnerability to Disasters in Botswana in the British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science, Vol. 19(4) 1-16 (ISSN: 2278-0998)

5. Maripe, K & Setlalentoa, M (2016) Community Resilience to Disasters in the South East Administrative District: Theories and Perspectives in the

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