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Dr. Neo Patricia Mooko

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Faculty of Humanities

Library and Information Studies

Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 253 Office 104
Phone: 355-5456
Email Dr. Neo Patricia Mooko

BSc (UB)

PGD Forensic Science ( University of Strathclyde)


PhD Information Science ( University of Pittsburgh)

Dr Neo Patricia Mooko joined the University of Botswana  as a lecturer. She was promoted to the rank of Senior in the Department of Library and Information Studies (DLIS). She worked a Director, Research and Information Management  at the Local Enterprise Authority from 2007-2009. During her tenure at LEA, she spearheaded the establishment of Resource Centres and Call Centre.

Dr Mooko has served in various capacities with the department. She was part of the committee that reviewed Bachelor of Information Knowledge Management  degree. She is currently the Graduates studies Coordinator for DLIS

  • Knowledge Management
  • Inforpreneurship
  • Research Methods
  • User studies;


Knowledge Management - strategy development; Evaluation, Investigation of KM Practices and development of KM systems

Web 2.0 tools - use and implementation by user groups

User studies-women

Digital Marketing of Information Services 

Continous Development Programs  in  Information Organization




Umnnakwe, Chukwumah: Evaluation of the Implementation of Information Education Communication (IEC) Strategy in the Workplace: case of Hospitality Facilities in Botswana. Co- supervised Moahi,K.H. & Grand,B.

Abubakkar, Mohammed: Investigating Social Media Adoption in Women Non-govermental Organizations in North-Western Nigeria. Lead Supervisor

Malikongwa:Investigating Continuing Professional Development Programs in the UB and Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural resources

Oladokun, O.S., Mooko, N.P. & Fidzani (2020).An assessment of education and continuing professional development (CPD) of academic libraries workforce in Botswana. Global Knowledge memory and Communication. (accepted Feb, 2020)

Manewe-Sisa, Mooko,N.P. & Mnjama, N. (2016). Customer Service at the Records Management Unit of Botswana Ministry of Labour and Home affairs. African Journal of Library Archives and Information Science. Vol26 p157-167

Mooko,N.P. & Mutula, S.M. Knowldge Management IN Information and Knowledge Management in the digital age:concepts, Technologies and African Perspective

Mooko, N.P. (2005). The information behaviors of rural women in Botswana. Library & Information Science Research 27(1):115-127

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