Staff Profiles

Dr. David Mandiyanike

PhD-Public Admin/Development Mgt-Royal Holloway University of London 2006.

MA in Development Studies-Public Policy Admin, The Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, 2000.

BSc-Hons Politics and Admin University of Zimbabwe, Diploma in Loc Govt

David is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Botswana from 2008. He is also the Coordinator for the Masters in Public Administration.  He has taught at a number of Universities in the United Kingdom and South Africa. He also worked in Local authorities in Zimbabwe for more than a decade holding various positions up to Chief Executive Officer level.

His most direct research interests centre around local government; public policy analysis, migration and development; food security, women’s involvement in politics especially at local government level. In 2010, he was awarded a grant by the Office of Research and Development (University of Botswana). This grant enabled him to consolidate and elaborate his interest in women in politics and the inherent contestations in governance.

David has engages in theoretical debates and attaches fundamental importance to 'grounding' the theories in real-world conditions. David also maintains active links beyond academe, through periodic consultancies for, and other interactions with, NGOs, international agencies and government departments. For instance, he served as an election observer, serves as an editorial board member of the PULA Journal and Commonwealth Local Government Forum E-Journal.

Postgraduate courses

Research, Policy and Public Interface, International Organisations, Aid and Debt Management, Global context of Public Policy,Theories of International Relations, Local Government,Development Planning, Globalization,Intergovernmental Relations.

Undergraduate courses

Research Methods, The State and Society, Politics of Poverty,Public Policy Analysis,Leadership and Governance,Political Science,Politics and development

Governance in general;

Local government;

Public Administration; Public Policy Analysis

Participation and empowerment,

Capacity building; food security

Gender and politics;

Migration and development; 

Rural and urban development and the inherent contestations 

3 PhDs completed - implementing good governance in Tanzania local government authorities; Explaining political violence in Nigeria and Gender Representation in Administrative Leadership Positions 

Over 10 Masters students completed on migration; gender/political representation, local participation in development

Mandiyanike, D. (forthcoming) THE MARGINALISED MAJORITY – THE CASE OF BATSWANA WOMEN IN LOC GOVT 1999-2019 in Political Transition in Southern Africa: Democratic Consolidation or Change of Façade?

Mandiyanike, D and Musekiwa, N (2015) The role of the diaspora in the success of Zim Asset in Chirisa, I (ed) Towards an Empowered Society and a Growing Economy’? Interrogating the Case of the ZIMASSET Economic Blue-print. UZ 

Musekiwa, N. and Mandiyanike, D. (2018) Public Sector Reforms during a crisis period: The case of Rural Local Authorities capacity building in Zimbabwe. African Journal of Public Admin and Management, Volume XXV no.2

Mandiyanike, D. (2019) Elite Circulation: The Case of Botswana and Zimbabwe, The 4th Annual International Conference on Public Admin & Development Alternatives; Johannesburg, SA

Mandiyanike, D, et al (2017) In search of a citizen participation and stakeholder engagement framework for Zim LAs, JPADA

In pursuit of academic excellence