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Mrs. Gabotepele Maseko

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Faculty of Social Sciences



Location: 247/305
Phone: +2673555705
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MS in Biometry from University of Nebraska-Lincoln

BA in Social Sciences from University of Botswana

Experimental design, Linear Regression Analysis, Matrix Algebra, Applied Multivariate  Analysis,

G. Madisa-Maseko, T. Zewotir & D. North (2016).

Regression analyses performed on the number of cattle owned by breed type using Poisson, Quasi- Poisson and Negative Binomial models.

J. Ponte - Nov 2016 - Volume 72 - Issue 11
doi: 10.21506/j.ponte.2016.11.24   -4

Madisa, Gabotepele; Eskridge, Kent M.; Powers, Kris S.; Steadman, James R.; Higgins, Rebecca; and Bellows, Connie (2003). "COMPARING MEASURING METHODS USING THE SENSITIVITY RATIO: AN APPLICATION TO RESISTANCE SCREENING IN SOYBEANS," Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture.

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