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Mr. Godfrey Themba

Godfrey  Themba

Faculty of Business


Acting Deputy Dean

Location: 245/026
Phone: 73032325
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Godfrey Themba is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing. He has a B’COM degree from University of Botswana and an MBA from Cardiff Business School in Wales. He lectures on various marketing courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. He supervises undergraduate research projects and MBA Dissertations. His research interests are in interdisciplinary research spanning a wide range of disciplines: Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Retailing, and Corporate Governance. His research article on Entrepreneurship Development in Botswana, has received accolades from among others Professor Leo-Paul Dana, a Marie Curie Fellow at Princeton University. Godfrey is involved in various activities designed to address the learning needs of off-campus students.

Undergraduate Level: Consumer Behavior, Distribution Management, Principles of Marketing, Services Marketing,  Strategic Sales Management, Tourism & Hospitality Marketing.


Graduate Level:  Strategic Marketing, Business  Presentation Skills   

Retailing, Marketing Orientation, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance

Services Marketing, Marketing Orientation, Consumer behaviour,  


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Themba, G. & Jairos, J. (2015). Entrepreneurship Development in Botswana: Lessons for other Developing Countries.  Botswana Journal of Business, Vol. 8 (1), pp. 11-35. [ISSN 1024-235X] Online

Marandu, E. & Themba, G. (2009), Market Orientation and Business Performance Link in Retailing: Evidence from Botswana. African Journal of Marketing, Vol. 4 (December), pp. 4-52. [ISSN 1821-6749] Print

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