Staff Profiles

Mr. Pelaelo. S. Pelaelo

Pelaelo S. Pelaelo is a Lecturer in Finance. He has a B’com degree from University of Botswana and an MBA from Barney School of Business, University of Hartford, CT in United States . He lectures on various courses in Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Finance Theory.  He supervises undergraduate research projects and MBA Dissertations. His research interests are Capital structure decisions, Health Finance and Financial Risk Management. 

Business Finance, Financial Analysis, Financial Markets and institutions, Finance Theory 

Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Health Finance

Bank Competition and Efficiency, Financial Distress and Credit Card Default, Money laundering

Pelaelo P. S & Swami, B.N. & (2001).Financial Institutions as Facilitators of Economic Growth: Case Study of Botswana”, .  Africa Journal of Finance and Management, The Institute of Finance Management, Dar Es Salaam, 10 (1), 8-22 (ISSN: 0856 – 6372).

Swami, B.N. & P.S. Pelaelo (2010) “Growth Strategy, Old & New, Case Study of Botswana”,Journal of International Economics, Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad, India 1(1),63-82


Pelaelo., P.S., Okurut, F.N., Yinusa, D.O., Bonu, V., Swami, B.N., and A. Sethibe (2009) , Problems and Prospects of Micro Health Insurance: Case Study of Itekanele MHI Company in Botswana Pro MHI Africa; EU- African University Network. University of Cologne (pp13-37)

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