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Dr. End Salani

Mathematics Educator

Faculty of Education

Primary Education


Location: 226/07
Phone: 3554863
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PhD in Mathematics Education - University of South Africa (2021)

M.Ed (Mathematics Education)- University of Botswana (2002)

B.Ed (science)- University of Botswana - 1995

Diploma in Human Resources management - Open University of Zimbabwe- 2011

I have worked as a secondary school mathematics teacher and secondary college Education math lecturer for over 10 years. I then worked as an inspector of schools focusing on ensuring that academic standards in schools are adhered to. This was followed by working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at DTEF, where my responsibilities included advising the MOBE on students' academic progress and sponsorship.  I have also participated in International studies such as TEDS-M, where I was Scoring Coordinator. My research interest includes mathematics teachers' pedagogical classroom practices and ICT integration in the teaching of mathematics in schools.

  • Mathematics  teachers Pedagogical content knowledge
  • Technology integration in Math Education
  • Mathematics Content [number systems, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and probability and statistics]


  • Mathematics teachers' pedagogical classroom practices
  • Technology integration in the teaching of mathematics in schools

Mathematics Teachers Pedagogical Content knowledge and technology integration

Salani, E. (2013). Teachers’ Beliefs and Technology: Calculator use in mathematics instruction in junior secondary schools in Botswana.European Journal of Educational Research published in Volume 2 Issue 4  available at

Salani, E. & Maphane, E. (2014). Botswana Primary School Teachers’ Motivational Strategies Beliefs about Mathematics Classroom Instructional Practices. International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE) in Volume 1 Issue 11 available at

Salani, E. (2016). In-Service Student Teachers’ Perceptions and Calculator Technology: Feasibility of Calculator Use in Mathematics Instruction in Botswana Primary Schools. International Journal of Innovative Research and Development, ISSN 2278–0211, 5(12)


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