Staff Profiles

Ms. Keneilwe Matlhaku

M.A in Linguistics: California State University, Northridge, USA

Post Graduate Diploma in Education: University of Botswana

B.A Humanities: University of Botswana


I am a lecturer of Bantu Linguistics at the Univeristy of Botswana but I am currently away on study leave working on my PhD in Linguistics specializing in Language development. I obtained my BA degree in Humanities from the University of Botswana and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from the same University. I won the Setswana Prize for best student in the Department of African Languages & Literature in 2001. In 2003 - 2004 I did my Masters degree in Linguistics at California State University in Northridge, USA. After completing my studies I was appointed lecturer, in the Department of African Languages & Literature in which I taught the following undergraduate courses in Bantu linguistics: Sound system of African languages; Introduction to Generative phonology; Introduction to Language and Linguistics; Introduction to the Characteristics of Human Languages;  Introduction to applied linguistics, Languages of Botswana, which is a sociolinguistics course; study of meaning (semantics); Setswana proficiency; Introduction to Rhetoric & Public Speaking. 

Bantu linguistics specifically phonology, applied linguistics (main focus on first acquisition, including perception & processing) & second language acquisition & learning); sociolinguistics (languages of Botswana), semantics and Setswana proficiency; general linguistics introductory courses. 

My research interests include Phonetics and Phonology (how speech sounds categorically pattern in a language & in the mind). I am also interested in language development & disorders in children; how they come to acquire their first language; the development of their competence through storing, retrieving & organizing the sound systems of their language(s); how they produce & combine these sounds when they speak including their speech developmental errors. 

1. Phonology, Phonetics & Child-language development

2. General linguistics specializing in Bantu linguistics

3. Bantu Phonology; Articulatory phonetics; Child-language development (including processing & perception)



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