Staff Profiles

Prof. Benjamin Bolaane

PhD Civil Engineering (Loughborough University, UK)

MSc Environmental Engineering (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

BEng. (Civil Engineering) (Lakehead University, Canada)

Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology (Lakehead University, Canada)

Registered Professional Engineer (Civil)

Benjamin Bolaane is a registered Professional Civil Engineer and Professor of Infrastructure Planning at the University of Botswana.  He has over 20 years of practice, consultancy, teaching and research in infrastructure and transport planning. He previously served as the Head of Department of Architecture and Planning. Prof Bolaane is the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at the University of Botswana. He has directed his efforts as Dean towards improving quality of programmes, visibility of the Faculty through engagement and enterprising. His research interest are on equitable access to infrastructure services to while ensuring their sustainability through appropriate cost recovery.  In particular, his research agenda is mainly directed towards practical actions towards improving the livelihood of the poor and downtrodden

Infrastructure Planning and Management

Transport Planning and Management

Solid Waste Management


Sanitation and water access

Sustainability and cost recovery in infrastructure provision

Solid waste management 


Solid waste management

Changes on road safety regulation on behaviour change and fatality rates

Road pricing and mechanism for raising revenue for maintenance  

Ngwenya, B.N., Thakadu, O.T., Phaladze N.A. and Bolaane, B. (2018). Access to water and sanitation facilities in primary schools: A neglected educational crisis in Ngamiland District in Botswana, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 105: 231-238.

Thakadu, O.T., Ngwenya, B.N., Phaladze N.A. and Bolaane, B. (2018). Sanitation and hygiene practices among primary school learners in Ngamiland District, Botswana, Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 105: 224-230.

Ngwira, G.M., Bolaane, B. and Parida, B.P. (2016). Trend Analysis of Road Traffic Fatalities in Malawi, BIE Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 6(2): 56-62.

Bolaane, B. and Isaac E. (2015). Privatization of solid waste collection services: Lessons from Gaborone, Waste Management 40(2015): 14-21


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