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Mrs. Keratilwe Bodilenyane

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Political and Administrative Studies

Senior Lecturer

Location: 240/285
Phone: +267 3554169/ +267 71230214
Email Mrs. Keratilwe Bodilenyane

Master of Public Administration (MPA); Human Resource Management), University of Botswana BA (Social Sciences) - Political Science and Public Administration, University of Botswana

Keratilwe Bodilenyane is a senior lecturer in the Department of Political and Administrative Studies at the University of Botswana. Teaches Public Administration and Human Resource Management courses, among others Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Leadership and Governance. Supervised masters degree research essays and dissertation. Published work on public sector reforms (Anti-Corruption and Social Accountability), decentralization, Governance, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. Served as academic advisor for the department, as well as serving in other departmental committees such as Quality Assurance Committee and The University of Botswana Ambassadorial Leadership Forum (UBALF).

Organizational theories Human Resource Management Human Resource Management in the military Human Resource Development Industrial Relations Public Policy Seminars in Public Policy Introduction to Public Administration Institutions and Processes of Public Administration Leadership and Governance

Public sector reforms Industrial Relations Human Resource Management Public Policy Public Enterprise Management Leadership and governance Corporate governance

Supervised undergraduate reserach and masters degree research essays and dissertation

Mooketsane K. Bodilenyane K. and Motshegwa B. 2017. Is decentralization in Botswana a Democratic Fallacy? African Journal of Public Affairs, 9(5), 47-60. Sebudubudu D. Bodilenyane K. and Kwerepe P. 2016. The Politics of Opposition Electoral Coalitions and Alliances in Botswana. African Review 43(1), 1-25. Motshegwa B. Bodilenyane K. and Mooketsane K. 2016. Anti-Corruption and Social Accountability Reforms in Botswana. The Ugandan Journal of Management and Public Policy 10(1), 11-26. Bodilenyane K. 2015. Promoting Good Practice in Botswana Public Service (BPS). Namibia Journal of Managerial Sciences (NJMS) 1(1), 99-108. Sebudubudu D, Makepe P, Montsi K. and Bodilenyane K. 2014. Governance of Land and Natural Resource for Sustainable Development in Botswana: Possible Lessons for the Agricultural and Tourism Sectors. International Journal of African Development 2(1), 81-100.

In pursuit of academic excellence