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Dr. Olekile Kuswani

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Centre for Continuing Education

Lecturer / Learner Support Coordinator

Location: Regional Manager's Office
Phone: 2468201
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Ph.D., Counselling and Human Services, University of Botswana, 2020

M.Ed. Counselling and Human Services, University of Botswana, 2004

B.A. (Honours) Combined Education (Nutrition & Education), Sheffield Halam University, 1995

Diploma in Home Economics, Luengo University, 1983


Dr Olekile Kuswani is a professional Counsellor in the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) North, in the University of Botswana, Francistown. Currently, in her 12th years as an academic (in the University of Botswana), she serves as Learner Support Coordinator - Student Welfare, Acting Regional Manager, nominated to assist with Coordination of the Safety and Health Environment (SHE) in response to the Ministry of Health and Wellness set COVID 19 health protocols at CCE North, nominated to assist with coordination of Confucius Institute at the University of Botswana (CIUB), Francistown where Chinese Language and Culture Courses are taught and also serve as a member of the Urban Development Committee (UDC) in Francistown. Some of these positions involve local community while others involve both local and international outreach. Prior to her work in academia, Dr Kuswani worked for 25 years in the Ministry of Education as a teacher under Teaching Service Management (TSM). She taught Food and Nutrition with emphasis on health eating for people with different disorders. Later she developed to do Counselling and Human Services (Generic Counselling) to cater for people with different needs including nutrition needs. She had the opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree in the University of Botswana. She did a study on the impact of nutrition counselling on nutrition knowledge, attitudes and dietary practices of people living with HIV/AIDS in the northern region of Botswana

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