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Prof Magdeline Chilalu Mannathoko

Prof Magdeline Mannathoko

Faculty of Education

Primary Education

Associate Professor

Location: Block 247 Room 240
Phone: +2673554138
Email Prof Magdeline Chilalu Mannathoko

PhD in Art and Design Education; Masters in Art and Design Education (MA (ED) Art and Design); Bachelor of Education (Primary); Diploma in Primary Education (DPE).

Prof Magdeline Chilalu Mannathoko is an Associate Professor and Art and Design Education Lecturer (Teacher-Trainer) in the University of Botswana. She holds a Diploma in Primary Education from the University of Botswana; Bachelor of Education (Primary) from the University of Botswana specialising in Art Education, Social Studies and Early Childhood Education; Masters Degree and PhD in Art and Design Education from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, UK. She also coordinates Art and Design Education unit and Departmental marketing committee. She is a member of the Faculty of Education Executive committee dealing with Appointments and Promotion issues; Univerity of Botswana EDPARC committee member dealing with assessment of Faculty of Education research proposals for funding; Coordinator University of Botswana and Ithuteng Primary school Art and Design Education partnership; Executive member of the Class Volunteers Foundation’s Board of Advisors (BOA) mandated to guide and advise the Foundation in attaining its set goals and objectives; direct the Foundation’s Board of Trustees in policy formulation, planning, implementation and evaluation of the Foundation’s engagements; Regional Coordinator, South African Society for Education (SASE); Executive member of the Sub-Saharan Africa Society for Education coordinated by International Society for Education Through Art (Insead)and Executive committee member for Uniiversity of Botswana Leaving and Learning Community (LLC).

Art and Design Education; Research and Assessment in primary school

Prof Mannathoko's research interests include: curriculum development and evaluation, teacher education, arts assessment, art and design interventions, arts entrepreneurship, visual arts education for special needs; arts partnerships and arts and culture. She has core-authored distant learning and primary school art materials and has recently authored and core authored articles on art and design pedagogies and assessment published in Intellect, John Wiley and sons and Tailor and Francis journals.

Prof Mannathoko has supervised postgradate students in the ares of Art and Design Education; Curriculum Development and Evaluation; Early Childhood Education; and Basic Education clasroom practice.

Mannathoko, M.C. (2019). Health and Safety Concerns in Art and Design Primary School Classrooms in Botswana: Reflections on the Art and Design Module. Art Education, 72(6), 20-24; Mannathoko, M.C. (2019). School Stakeholder-Partnership Enhancement Strategies in the Implementation of the Arts in Botswana Basic Education. International Journal of Education Through Art (IJETA), 15(2), 149-164; Mannathoko, M.C. (2019). Art and Design Education in Botswana: Evolution and Developmental Trends. The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education, Volume I, P. 17-32 (Histories and Philosophies); Mamvuto, A. & Mannathoko, M.C. (2019). African Art and Design Curriculum. The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education, Volume II, P. 577-588 (Curriculum); Mannathoko, M.C. & Mamvuto, A. (2019). Assessment in Art and Design Education: An Analysis of Practices in Botswana Primary Schools. The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education, Volume III, P. 1233-12;

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