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Mr. Tendy Matenge


Faculty of Business


Senior Lecturer

Location: 245/226
Phone: +267355 5203
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Master of Business (Advanced) - University of Queensland, Australia

Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Botswana, Botswana



Mr Matenge is a is a member of the Academy of International Business (AIB) and has served as a Secretary in the Executive Committee of the African Chapter (AIB Africa). He is also a member of the Africa Academy of Management (AFAM), an affiliate organization to the Academy of Management (AOM).

Tendy is currently a PhD scholar at the University of Cape Town. His PhD Thesis is under examination. As a professional, Tendy plays a pivotal role in the UB/BITC partnership of executing the Botswana Exporter Development Programme (BEDP). He also sits in the review task team of the BEDP. He has successfully coordinated the departmental and faculty internship activities through the Global Consultancy Programme (GCP) where he trained and worked with student consulting teams in Slovakia and Botswana. Other teams have been to Hungary and France.

Tendy uses the consulting approach and business simulations in his teaching. Some of his students have participated and performed exceptionally well in the X-Culture project – an International Business consulting programme, while others have developed export plans for Botswana firms such as Arona Oil, SennFoods, and Kalahari Tiles, amongst others. At the University, Tendy teaches mainly International Marketing, Pricing Strategy, and Global Business Strategy courses. His research work is mostly on International Business activities such as Institutional Dynamics, Exporting, Ethnocentrism, Consumer Behaviour, Ethical Behaviour and Networks.

International Marketing

Global Business Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Firm Internationalisation

Business in Africa

Institutional Theory

Consumer Behaviour

Firm Internationalisation

Business in Africa

Institutional Theory


Matenge, T., Makgosa, R., Mburu, P., (2019) ‘The role of demographic and attitudinal influences on the financial saving behaviour of employed adults in Botswana’, International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets, Vol 11(3),

Matenge, T., Zoogah, B, D., Mundia, K., presented a paper titled ‘Conceptualising a multilevel emergent model of industrial development through firm internationalisation’ at the Academy of International Business (SSA), Kigali, Rwanda, August 2018.

Matenge, T., Josiah, J., Themba, G., presented a paper titled ‘Social networks and their role in the accountability of NGOs in Botswana’ at the 11th CIMPAD conference, Gaborone, Botswana, June 2018.

Makgosa, R., Matenge, T., Mburu, P., (2016), Hybrid Segmentation in the Financial Services Market: Targeting Saving Consumers, Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, Vol 44(4), pg 447 – 468, DOI:


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