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Prof. Brothers Wilright Malema

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Faculty of Social Sciences


Associate Professor

Phone: +267 3552725
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BA Economics & Demography, University of Botswana

MA Economics, Boston University



Mathematical Economics

Development Economics

Health Economics

Environmental Economics

Managerial Economics



Demographic dividend



Malema B. W. (2018) An Appraisal of African Identity for Sustainable Development in Botswana. Chapter nine in “African Perspectives on Global Development” Edited by Mahmoud Masaeli, Sanni Yaya and Rico Sneller Pg 168 -194. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Lady Stephenson Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2PA, UK. ISBN (10): 1-5275-1155-3 ISBN (13): 978-1-5275-1155-2

Malema B. W. and Keetile M. K. (2016). Can Botswana Optimise on Harnessing the Demographic Dividend? African Population Studies Vol. 30, No 2 (Supp). 2016, pp 2693 -2978

Malema B. W. and Kaelo, G.  (2013). Privatization as a Vehicle for Economic Development: A Critique. Botswana and Notes, Volume 45

Brothers Wilright Malema (2012). Determinants of Condom Use in Botswana: An empirical investigation of the Role of Gender. Botswana Journal of Economics,10(14), 42 – 57.    

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