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Mr. Abraham Dikosha Ngwako

BEd - Univ of Botswana and Swaziland,1982

Certificate in the Production of Communications Software Course - Portsmouth College, UK, 1984

Dip in the Advanced Study of Ed – Univ College, Aberystwyth, UK,1985

MEd (Ed Tech) - Univ of Wales. UK, 1988

Date of Birth:              24 September 1959

Place of Birth:             Maunatlala, Botswana

Nationality:                 Motswana

Marital Status:             Married with four (4) children and a grand-daughter.

Hobbies: Outdoor life, farmer.

Educational Technology 

Teacher Education

Teaching Practice

Technology Infusion


Limited to teaching practice

Pedzani P. Monyatsi & Abraham D. Ngwako: Quality Assurance Mechanisms and Processes in Teaching Practice: The Case of the University of Botswana - [ORCID Icon]: Published online: 20 Dec 2018 :

Tshepo Batane & Abraham Ngwako: (2017): “Technology use by pre-service teachers during teaching practice: Are new teachers embracing technology right away in their first teaching experience?” Australasian Journal of Educational Technology .2017, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p48-61. 14p. 1 Chart.

Sedimo, N.L. & Ngwako, A. (2016). Technology Intergrationin Teaching, Students Motivation, and Reading Achievement. Advances in Social Sciences: Research Journal, 3(12) 201-207.

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