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Prof Kevin Nnanye Nwaigwe


Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Chair, Faculty Quality Assurance Committee (FETQAC)

Location: 248-182
Phone: (+267) 355-4335
Email Prof Kevin Nnanye Nwaigwe

PhD Mechanical Engineering

MEng Mechanical Engineering

BEng Agricultural Engineering

Prof Nwaigwe holds a PhD in Energy and Power and conducts his research along this area. He has supervised over 9 graduate students including 3 PhD students and 6 master's students. His work is mainly centered on renewable energy technology.


Mechanical Engineering; Agricultural Engineering; Environmental Engineering

Renewable Energy; Thermal Engineering; Solar Energy; Biogas Technology; Biodiesel Technology

Mechanical Engineering; Agricultural Engineering; Passive Cooling; Drying Technology; Solar Energy; Biogas Technology

In pursuit of academic excellence