Staff Profiles

Dr. Detlef Richard Prozesky

Detlef Prozesky

Faculty of Medicine

Medical Education

Head of Department

Location: 208, Block 247
Phone: 5494

BSc, MBChB (Pretoria)

MCommH, PhD (Liverpool)

I am a medical doctor and educationist and have worked in clinical medicine, primary care and community health before starting work in academia. Since then I have worked in medical schools in South Africa as well as in tropical medicine schools in the UK, and taught courses in India and Pakistan. I started work at the University of Botswana in 2015. My interests include programme evaluation, student assessment and transformational education. I also have an ongoing interest in public eye health and the prevention of blindness. I have taken part in a number of eye health and education related consultancies in Africa and Asia, for the World Health Organisation and non-governmental organisations.

My main teaching area is staff development in health professions education - short courses and now a postgraduate diploma. I also teach and have taught clinical skills to medical students in primary clinics, and in London, India and Pakistan I teach and have taught modules in health promotion for public eye health in Masters and diploma programmes.

I am not a prolific researcher. My main research interest is programme evaluation. 

I have successfully supervised three PhD and two Masters students, all in the field of health professions education. I have been external examiner for seven PhD dissertations and 27 Masters level research reports.

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