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Prof. Ibanga B. Ikpe

Potrait of Prof. Ikpe

Faculty of Humanities

Theology and Religious Studies

Associate Professor (Philosophy)

Location: Block 239/110
Phone: +267 355 2633
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Ph.D Contemporary Epistemology

M.Phil. Conflict Management

M.A. Philosophy (Action Theory)

Fellow in Philosophical Counselling, American Philosophical Practitioners Association 

Prof. Ikpe teaches Contemporary Analytic Philosophy and Critical Thinking, having previously previously taught at the University of Uyo, the university of Cross River State and the national University of Lesoth, where he is still an adjunct faculty. He served as Critical Thinking consultant to the Botswana Defence Command and Staff College and still teaches Critical Thinking in Military Reasoning at the College. He was a visiting scholar at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, as well as Buffalo State College, New York. He is actively involved with the International Conference on Philosophical Practice as has presented various invited plenary and conference papers both as a theorist and as a practitioner. He is also actively involved with the International Society for Military Ethics and is currently the Convener in the current effort to establish an African Chapter of the society.   Prof Ikpe is certified as a Philosophical Counsellor by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association and his practice involves the use of Critical Thinking tools to achieve desired therapeutic outcomes in diverse settings. He is also a  certified conflict mediator.

Contemporary Epistemology

Logic and Critical Thinking

Military Reasoning

Military Ethics

African Philosophy

Critical Thinking

Philosophical Practice

Military Reasoning

Military Ethics

Mimetic Theory

Critical Thinking

Epistemology and Metaphysics

Philosophical Practice

Military Reasoning and Ethics

Mimetic Theory

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