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Dr. Annah Anikie Molosiwa

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Faculty of Education

Languages and Social Sciences Education

Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 230/office 228
Phone: (217) 3552367
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Ph.D. Teaching, Curriculum & Education Policy: Michigan State University, May, 2007. M.Sc. Curriculum & Instruction: University of Wisconsin, Madison, May 1990. B.A. & Concurrent Certificate in Education: English and African Languages & Literature: University of Botswana and Swaziland, June 1982

I have served for 38 years as a secondary school teacher, a teacher educator and a researcher. I have vast experience in research having participated in nationwide studies funded by the Botswana Government, Office of Research and Development at the University of Botswana and organisations like UNICEF. Over the years, I have served as a member of some Task Forces for the Department of Curriculum Development and Evaluation, Ministry of Basic Education. I have attended regional UNESCO workshops on Education for Sustainable Development and participated as a resource person at the National workshop for the capacity building programme for teacher educators on Education for Sustainable Development.

Curriculum and language policy issues Multicultural literacy education Language, culture and literacy Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literacy Education The teaching of Setswana language and literature at secondary school level

Language and literacy issues in education Curriculum and inclusive education Multiculturalism and literacy education Teachers' professional development

Curriculum and language education issues Teaching of first and second languages Pre-service and in-service teacher education Teaching practices promoting education for Sustainable Development

Molosiwa, A.A. & K. Boikhutso (2019). Learning and Teaching Practices promoting Education for Sustainable Development: Case studies from Social Studies and Language Education, University of Botswana. In “Sustainable Development Goals and Institutions of Higher Education”, G. Nhamo & V. Mjimba (eds.). Springer. Available at: 141-153 Molosiwa, A. A. & D. Galeforolwe (2018). Childrearing Practices of Khoisan Communities in Botswana: Potential lessons for educators. AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples. Online publication: DOI: 10.1177/1177180118772601 1-8 Molosiwa, A.A (2009). Monocultural Education in a Multicultural Society: The case of Teacher Preparation in Botswana. International Journal of Multicultural Education, Volume 11, No. 2, 18-30

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