Staff Profiles

Dr. Shanah Mompoloki Suping

Ph. D. (Ohio State University)

M. Ed. Ohio University

B. Ed. (Sc.) University of Botswana

Science Education

Chemistry Education

Computer applications in teaching science

Technology application in teaching science 

Teaching for understanding/Teacher professional development


Koosimile, A. T. & Suping, S. M. (2011). Pre-service teachers’ attempts at debating contemporary issues in science education: A case study from Botswana. International Journal of Educational Development, 31(5), 452-458.

Koosimile, A. T. & Suping, S. M. (2015). An examination of the Influence of Globalisation on Science Education in Anglophone Sun-Saharan Africa. International Journal of Science Education, 37(14), pp 2359-2385.

Suping, S. M. (2007). Can classroom learning transform into socioscientific knowledge generation. The International Journal of Learning, 14(4), pp. 257-262.

Zimudzi, E., Garegae, K. G., Suping, S. M. & Liu, Y. (2016). Digital Technologies for Teaching Mathematics and Science in Secondary Schools: Pre-service Teacxher’s Perspectives. Mosenodi, 19(1), pp. 67-83.


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