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Dr. Jean-Leigh Kruger

Dr Jean-Leigh Kruger

Faculty of Medicine

Biomedical Sciences

Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 246, Office A005
Phone: +267 355 4440
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PhD Neuroanatomy

BSc Honours Human Biology

BSc Human Biology

Diploma in Copywriting

BA Communications

I graduated with a PhD from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, in 2015. I studied sleep in unusual African rodents. Thereafter I traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland to take up a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Reykjavik. At this time I undertook a study on the heritability of sleep characteristics in zebrafish. In 2016 I returned to the University of the Witwatersrand to take up a position as lecturer and coordinator of the 4th year MBChB anatomy course, teaching clinical anatomy. In 2019 I joined the Department of Biomedical Sciences, in the School of Medicine at UB, as a senior lecturer.

I  teach gross anatomy, histology and embryology in the MBBS Phase 1 programme. I am also a PBL facilitator for the 2nd year MBBS students. Further I teach and coordinate the Neuroscience component of the MMed Psychiatry course.

The evolution of sleep in small mammals and fish.

Various topics in neuroanatomy.

I am currently the co-supervisor for one of the students in our first cohort of MPhil/PhD candidates in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. Mr Gobe Tanthuma is investigating the clivus in sex determination of skeletal remains.

Jean-Leigh Kruger, Nadine Gravett, Adhil Bhagwandin, Nigel C. Bennett, Elizabeth K. Archer and Paul R. Manger. 2016. Sleep in the Cape Mole Rat: A Short-Sleeping Subterranean Rodent. Brain Behav Evol 87:78-87 .
J. Kruger, N. Patzke, K. Fuxe, N.C. Bennett and P.R. Manger. 2012. Nuclear organization of cholinergic, putative catecholaminergic, serotonergic and orexinergic systems in the brain of the African pygmy mouse (Mus minutoides): Organizational complexity is preserved in small brains. J Chem Neu

J. Kruger, L. Dell, A. Bhagwandin, N.E. Jillani, J.D. Pettigrew & P.R. Manger. 2010. Nuclear organization of cholinergic, putative catecholaminergic and serotonergic systems in the brains of five microchiropteran species. J Chem Neu 40(3):210-222.
J. Kruger, L. Dell, J.D. Pettigrew & P.R. Manger. 2010. Cellular location and major terminal networks of the orexinergic system in the brains of five microchiropteran species. J Chem Neu 40(3):256-262.

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