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Prof. Rina Makgosa

Rina Makgosa

Faculty of Business


Associate Professor

Location: Block 245 Room 143
Phone: +2673554449
Email Prof. Rina Makgosa

Ph. D (Manchester Business School, University of Manchester)

Masters of Business Administration (Cardiff Business School, University of Wales)

Bachelor of Commerce (University of Botswana)

Rina Makgosa completed her PhD in 2005 at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.  She is currently employed as an Associate Professor and Head of Marketing, Faculty of Business, at the University of Botswana. She has over 26 years of experience in teaching, supervision, and examination of a wide range of courses in Marketing, International Business, Masters of Business Administration as well as PhD at the university level. Her key research areas of interest are in Consumer behaviour, Marketing strategy and Retailing. Some of her research articles appear in major International refereed journals and conference proceedings such as The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Management Research Review and Young Consumers.

Consumer Behaviour

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Research (International, Basic, Applied)

Business to Business Marketing

Sales Management

Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Family decision making

Consumer Attitudes, Personality & Motives

Personal Saving Behaviour

Market segmentation



Organized retailing

Ethical behaviour

Culture, Religiosity and consumption of controversial products

Demographics and consumer decision making processes

Peer influence and consumer behaviour

Service quality, customer value and satisfaction: The link

Customer based brand equity



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  2. Makgosa Rina and Sangodoyin Oluranti (2017). “Retail market segmentation: the use of consumer decision-making styles, overall satisfaction and demographics' The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research. 1-28.
  3. Makgosa Rina, Matenge Tendy, and Mburu Paul (2016). “Hybrid Segmentation in the Financial Services Market: Targeting Saving Consumers" Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 44 (4), 447–468.
  4. Makgosa, Rina (2010) “The Influence of Vicarious Role Models on the Purchase Intentions of Botswana Teenagers” Young Consumers, 11 (4), 307-319.

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