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Mrs Rodah Nthapelelang

Rodah Nthapelelang

Faculty of Humanities


Head, Department of French

Location: 239/216
Phone: 2625
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DEA Litteratures et civilisations comparees/ MPhil in Modern Letters and comparative civilisations

MA FLE/ MA in Teaching of French as a Foreign Language

MA Litteratures et civilisations comparees/ MA in Modern Lettres and comparative civ

PGDE: French and English

BA Humanities: French and Englis

Senior lecturer in the Department of French, Specialist in Modern Literatures and comparative civilisations, a trained instructor in FLE/ Teaching of French as a Foreign Language and a seasoned Interpretor, I provide instruction across different disciplines:

  • The French Language
  • Literature
  • Culture and civilisations
  • Proficiency
  • Interpretation

A seasoned researcher whose research ranges from literature with a sociocultural aspect, to literature with a philosophical aspect and cross linguistic, cultural, generational, economic literature: comparative literatures. Some of my research areas cover such areas which are more closer to home like the evolution, challenges and policy transformations inherent to teaching of French as a Foreign Language.


  • FLE (Teaching of French as a Foreign Language
  • Literature
  • Culture and Civilisations
  • Interpretation

  1. Women writing their identities
  2. Postcolonial writings and the desire for rehabilitation
  3. Autobiographical writings and issues of identity
  4. Teaching French as a Foreign Language: challenges and possible solutions

  • Comparative literatures/ Litteratures comparees 
  • Autobiographical writings/ Ecritures autobiographiques
  • Postcolonial writings/ Ecrire la postcolonie
  • Identity representations through the text/ Ecrire et redresser l'identite a travers le texte litteraire

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