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Dr. Michael Gaotlhobogwe


Faculty of Education

Educational Foundations

Senior Lecturer

Location: 231/202
Phone: 3552401
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Dr Gaotlhobogwe holds a Bachelor of Education in Design and Technology acquired from St Mark and St John College in Plymouth, UK; A Masters of Education in Technology Education from The University of Manchester, UK; as well as a Ph.D in Technology Education from UWIC, Cardiff, Wales.

Dr Gaotlhobogwe is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education, at the University of Botswana. He is the current Chairperson of Botswana Educational Research Association (BERA), a non-governmental organization that promotes research and innovation. His research interests are in the area of technology education and curriculum, ranging from theory, design, and implementation. He has actively collaborated with researchers from other disciplines to explore the role of indigenous knowledge in addressing problems experienced in the African continent as a result of adopting Western models of research and evaluation. He has undertaken funded research and his publications cover: books, book chapters, journal articles, presentations at both local and international conferences.

Curriculum design, development and Evaluation

Principles of Teaching and Learning

Managing Curriculum and Resources


Mixed methods research

Qualitative research

Attitudinal studies

Evaluation studies

Action research

Case study research

Curriculum and Instruction

Teaching and Learning

Design and Technology


Gaotlhobogwe, M., Major, T., Koloi-Keaiketsi, S., and Chilisa, B. (2018).   Conceptualizing Evaluation in African Contexts. In F. Cram, K.A. Tibbetts, & J. LaFrance (Eds.), Indigenous Evaluation. New Directions for Evaluation.159: pp. 47-62.

 Du Toit, A., and Gaotlhobogwe, M. (2018). A neglected opportunity: Entrepreneurship education in the lower high school curricula for Technology in South Africa and Botswana. African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education. 22 (1), pp. 37 – 47.

Gaotlhobogwe, M. (2017). The Role of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Addressing the Problem of Declining Enrolments in D&TE. In Gumbo, M.T. and Msila, V., (Eds). African Voices on Indigenisation of the Curriculum: Insights from Practice, Wandsbeck, Reach Publishers. Pp. 285 – 305.


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