Staff Profiles

Mr. Robert Ogolotse Monageng

BEng Manufacturing Engineering with Management; MBA Engineering Management; MSc Management Research

I am an academic who has had an opportunity to work in the production industry working for one of the large multinational companies involved in the supply of electronical technologies and solutions for the automotive industry. This industrial service experience ignited in me a passion to join academia and advance my organizational knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding productivity, quality management, logistics and supply chain management, simulation modelling and systems dynamics focusing particularly on the knowledge economy. Personally I am a very self-driven individual, with a strong attention to detail in every little task I do. I also have a strong passion to always strive for excellence because I believe attention to detail and pursuit of excellence is what makes a good engineer and academic.

Industrial Quality Control, Industrial Logistics, Simulation Modelling, Engineering Management, Project Management

Lean Six Sigma, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Simulation Modelling

  • Gandure, J., Kommula, V. P., Mapfaira, H., Monageng, R., and Maroba, K (2018) Evaluation of Approaches to Control Traffic Congestion at Molapo Junction, Gaborone. BIE Journal of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Vol 9 (1), pp. 31 – 40
  • Maiketso, M., Monageng, R., Kommula, V. P., and Gandure, J (2019) Process Capability Analysis of an Automotive Production line – A Case of Botswana. BIE Conference   
  • Monageng, R., Kommula, V. P., Mapfaira, H., Gandure, J., and Maroba, K (2017) Production System optimization: Case Study of a Local Textile Company. Invention Journal of Research Technology in Engineering & Management (IJRTEM), Vol 1 (12), pp. 118 – 134
  • Mutingi, M., and Monageng, R., Charles, M., Lean Healthcare Implementation in Southern Africa: A Swot Analysis. Paper published in Conference Proceedings of World Congress on Engineering, London July 2015

In pursuit of academic excellence