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Prof. Daniel Kasule

Prof Kasule, D.

Faculty of Education

Primary Education

Associate Professor

Location: 219/5
Phone: 2202
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Ed. D (Didactics), University of South Africa; M. Ed (Language Education); B. Ed (Humanities), University of Botswana; Dip. Ed, (English & Geography), Makerere University, Kampala.

Daniel Kasule is an Associate Professor (Language Education) since 2015. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses designed for pre-service and in-service language primary and secondary school teachers. He taught similar courses at the University of Swaziland prior to his current position. He has  supervised 11 Master's and 2 PhD completed research. He has served as external examiner at the University of Cape Town, University of KZN, University of Zululand, and the University of Zimbabwe. As a certified peer reviewer (having completed the online Publons Academy course), he has reviewed several academic journal articles and has served as External Evaluator for South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF) for the quality of applicants’ research outputs and standing. He is Editorial Board Member of the Reading & Writing Journal of the Literacy Association of South Africa. He has published a book chapter and over twenty papers in refereed academic journals on matters specific to language and literacy as well as the broad area of education in general. His research is about the outcomes of language and literacy instruction.


  • Second language teaching and learning
  • Academic literacy
  • The reading process
  • Language Education policy and planning
  • Remedial education

  • Teachers' continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Literacy teaching and learning
  • Text readability
  • Graduate employment 
  • Teacher classroom practices

  • The teaching of language at primary, secondary and tertiary levels
  • Literacy instruction in the classroom
  • Teacher subject matter and pedagogical knowledge 

  • Kasule, D., Mapolelo, D; & Kasozi, A, J. (2019). A model for the Continuing Professional Development of serving primary school teachers in Botswana. Mosenodi Journal 22 (1): 57-67
  • Ssegawa, J. & Kasule, D. (2017). A self-assessment of the propensity to obtain future employment: A case of final year engineering students at the University of Botswana. European Journal of Engineering Education, 42(5): 513-532
  • Kasule, D. & Mapolelo, D. (2013). Prospective teachers’ perspectives on the use of English in the teaching of mathematics word problems – a cross-national survey. African Journal of research in Mathematics, Science and Technology 17, (3): 265-274.
  • Kasule, D. (2011). Textbook readability and ESL learners. Reading and Writing 2 (1): 63 – 76
  • Kasule, D. & Mapolelo, D.C (2005). Teachers’ strategies of teaching primary school mathematics in a second language: a case of Botswana.

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