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Prof. Tapologo Maundeni

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Social Work


Location: 355 4418/ 2684
Phone: 76788519
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Tapologo Maundeni received her PhD in Social Work at the University of Glasgow

She received her Masters in Social Work at the University of Wisconsin Madison

She received her Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Botswana

Professor Tapologo Maundeni is a lecturer in the Department of Social Work at the University of Botswana. She holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin Madison, and a PhD from the University of Glasgow. She has published extensively on issues such as children and women’s rights; sexual and reproductive health, families, and HIV and AIDS. Her PHD thesis was on children’s experiences of divorce in Botswana. Professor Maundeni serves as a reviewer of manuscripts submitted for publication in various internationally renowned journals. Previous positions include: Head of the Social Work Department at the University of Botswana; External Examiner for the University of Witwatersrand; the Executive Secretary for OSSREA – Botswana Chapter; Member of the National Children’s Council; Chair of the research sub-committee of the University of Botswana's Gender Policy and Programme Committee (GPPC) as well as the Committee that reviewed the University of Botswana’s Sexual Harassment Policy. She also served as a consultant for international and national organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, as well as DIFD.  Her areas of specialization include: human rights, child and family welfare, gender and development, as well as HIV and AIDS.

Social with children and families 

Gender and development


Oral communication

HIV and AIDS courses

African-centered counselling strategies


Children's rights

Women's rights


Gender and development

Sexual and reproductive health issues

African-centered counselling strategies

Residential Care for Children

Domestic Violence and Children

Divorce and Children.

Gender based violence

Gender issues

HIV and AIDS issues


Human rights


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Maundeni, T. and Malinga-Musamba, T. (2013) The Role of Informal Caregivers in the Wellbeing of Orphans in Botswana: A Literature Review. Child and Family Social Work, vol 18, 107-116.

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Maundeni, T. (2010) Challenges Faced in the Implementation of Provisions of the United             Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in Botswana. Journal of Social       Development in Africa, vol. 25

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