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Mrs. Dipogiso Didintle Molefhi

Molefhi, D

Faculty of Humanities

African Languages and Literature


Location: Block 217 office 004
Phone: +267 355 2179
Email Mrs. Dipogiso Didintle Molefhi

M. A in Linguistics, University of London (1995)

Post Graduate Diploma in Education, University of Botswana (1992)

B.A Humanities, University of Botswana, (1991)

Dipogiso Molefhi teaches in the Department of African Languages and Literature at the University of Botswana. She has experience in the teaching of General Linguistics, Translation, Psycholinguistics,and Discourse Analysis. Her research interests are in the areas of  Language description, aspects of Setswana grammar, and Morphology, with particular reference to verbal extensions.

Mrs Molefhi holds an M.A in Linguistics from the University of London (SOAS), a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities( African Languages and Literature and English)

General Linguistics

Discourse Analysis



Psycholinguistic Study of Language

Verbal Morphology

Language Description and Documentation

Stylistic Features of Language



General Linguistics

Mogara B, E. Kari, M.Kadenge and D. Molefhi (2017).Investigating Language Vitality in some parts of North Eastern Botswana Botswana. Marang Journal of Language and Literature.29:9-30.

Batibo, H. M. and Mae/Molefhi, D.(1999) The tone pattern of Setswana nominal forms, In F.X. Katamba (ed) special issue of Afrikanisiche Arbeitspapiere. Cologne.


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