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Prof. Lily Mafela

Lily Mafela
Faculty of Education


Location: 231/109
Phone: +267 3552171
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BEd, History (UB)

MEd, History Education (Bristol)

MA, History (Northwestern, Evanston)

PhD, History (Northwestern, Evanston)

MBA, Entrepreneurship Education (De Montfort)

Lily Mafela is a Professor of History and History Education, and is currently serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Botswana. Mafela studied history and history education at universities in the UK and the USA. Her doctoral dissertation, funded by a competitive award from the Rockefeller Foundation of New York focused on gender analysis of the history of education in pre-colonial and colonial Botswana. She has published widely in the fields of history and education, with a particular focus on issues of social inclusion in education delivery, and in historical writing. She has researched and led consultancy projects for the Government of Botswana and multilateral agencies such as UNICEF and UNESCO on education and school history issues. Her professional work on the regional and international platforms included Executive Board membership of the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA), Association for African Historians (AAH).and latterly as Member and Rapporteur of the International Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Project on the Pedagogical Use of the General History of Africa Volumes (PUGHA) that began work in 2009. The PUGHA Project aims to promote interdependence, peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding through transformative approaches to the teaching of African history.

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Gender Issues in Education

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Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Education

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