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Dr. Anthony Olashore

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Faculty of Medicine



Location: 247/316
Phone: 3555514
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Postgraduate and undergraduate Mental Health

Mental Health, substance use in HIV infected adolescents

Child and adolescent mental health

1. Depression and Cancer

2. HIV and suicide

3. PTSD in accident Victims (MVA)


Olashore, A. A., Akanni, O. O., & Olashore, O. O. (2017). Associate factors of delinquency among incarcerated male juveniles in a Borstal Institution in Nigeria. International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, 16(3), 207-214.

Olashore, A. A., & Rukewe, A. (2017). Polypharmacy among children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders in a mental referral hospital in Botswana. BMC psychiatry, 17(1), 174.

Olashore, A. A., Opondo, P. R., Ogunjumo, J. A., & Ayugi, J. O. (2020). Cannabis use disorder among first-year undergraduate students in Gaborone, Botswana. Substance abuse: research and treatment, 14, 1178221820904136.

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