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Dr. Mmoloki Molwantwa

Dr Mmoloki Molwantwa. Clinical skills coordinator

Faculty of Medicine

Medical Education

Clinical Skills Cordinator

Location: 247/214
Phone: 74096000
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Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (Monash University, Australia)

Master of Philosophy in Health Professions Education (Stellenbosch University, Cape town, South Africa)

Mmoloki is a clinical skills Coordinator in the Department of Medical Education. He is a medical doctor and holds a Master of Philosophy in Health Professions Education. His interests are inter-professional education in Health professions education, skills training in primary care health settings, quality assurance in assessment practices, medical ethics and jurisprudence.

Clinical skills training

Clinical placement supervision

Faculty development workshops (Assessment, curriculum review, quality assurance, interprofessional education etc.)

Medical Ethics



Clinical placement

Teaching and learning

Interprofessional education

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Enhancing learning in longitudinal clinical placements in community primary care clinics: undergraduate medical students’ voices. Education for Primary Care, 30(5), pp.301-308.


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Prozesky, D.R., Molwantwa, M.C., Nkomazana, O. and Kebaetse, M.B., 2019. Intern preparedness for the CanMEDS roles and the Dunning-Kruger effect: a survey. BMC medical education, 19(1), p.422.


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