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Mr. Anthony Sehlobo Faros

A.S. Faros

Faculty of Education

Sports Science


Location: 3044 Indoor Sport Centre
Phone: 3552064
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M.ed Physical Education; Pedagogy (University of Botswana).

PHD candidate-Physical Education and Coaching (University of Botswana).

Obtained  Diploma in Physical Education, English & Setswana in 1994 and taught in Several Secondary Schools including; Masunga Senior Secondary School, Pelaelo Junior Secondary School, and Setlalekgosi Junior Secondary School before moving to Tonota College of Education.  Rose to the rank of Senior Lecturer and Head of Physical Education Department at Tonota College of Education from 2002 to 2011. Joined the University of Botswana as Physical Education Lecturer in 2011.

Responsible for carrying out teaching and research duties. Involved in the administration of undergraduate courses as well as organizing lectures and supervising tutorials. Offers courses in; Instructional Theories and Strategies for Elementary and Secondary Physical Education, Coaching techniques and strategies in Basketball, netball, and tennis, Aquatic Skills, Sport Science Internship/ Practicum, and Foundations of Physical Education and Sport Coaching

Research interests are in Physical Education curriculum and instruction and anti-doping pedagogies.


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M.A. Ajayi, C. Mokgothu, & A.S. Faros. (2012). Negotiating peace and freedom in the

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