Staff Profiles

Dr. Rosinah Mmannana Gabaitse

Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow- Bamberg University-2017-2018

Ph.d- Doctor of Philosophy- University of Kwazulu-Natal 2013

Masters of Arts in Religion-Yale University 2004

P.G.D.E- University of Botswana

Bachelor of Arts- Humanities

Dr Rosinah Gabaitse is a Biblical Scholar who researches, writes and publishes in the area of Luke-Acts and Pentecostal hermeneutics. She has written and published papers in the area of the Bible and Violence against women , the Bible and the construction of Masculinities, the Bible and violence against the girl-child and HIV. Beyond her academic engagements,  Dr Gabaitse hosts a Call in Radio Program called Bridging the Gap, which deals with Social and Contextual issues such as the Violence against women.  Further, Dr Gabaitse is a transformational speaker in the areas of academic excellence and discipline in schools,  hence she is often invited as a  Key note Speaker in schools such as Bonnington CJSS, Baobao Primary School, Kwena Sereto CJSS, Regent High Secondary School, Diratsame Secondary and many more.

Introduction to Biblical Studies

Introduction to Greek

Hospital Ministry

Religion and Modernity

Politics and Development of Biblical Thought

Introduction to Greek

Politics and Development of Biblical Thought.

Johannine Corpus

Media and Pastoral Studies





The Art of Biblical interpretation

Violence against women and children

Construction of sexualities using the Bible

Construction of Masculinities

Pentecostal Hermeneutics


New Testament


Biblical Interpretation

Violence Against Women

Pentecostal Hermeneutics




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