Staff Profiles

Dr Bojelo Esther Mooketsi

Phd in Information Systems (University of Cape Town)

MPhil in Information Technology (University of Cape Town)

Master of Library and Information Science (University of Cape Town)

Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Honours) (University of Cape Town)

BA (Hum) (University of Botswana)

I am a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems in the Department of Library and Information Studies, University of Botswana. I hold a PhD in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town,I also have an M Phil in Information Technology from the University of Cape Town and a Masters in Library and Information Science from UCT. iI also have a BA Humanities degree major in English and Environmental Science.

My research focus is on the use of ICTs for human development and ICT policy implementation. I have researched on the use and impact of ICTs amongst the disadvantaged communities and students. I teach and supervise students at undergraduate, and Masters in the areas of Information Systems and Information Management. I also run a research seminar for PhD students in the department. I have been a resource person in a number of workshops on Digital literacy for Teacher Librarians and primary school teachers. 


I have published several peer-reviewed research papers; mainly in the area of ICT4D and has reviewed articles for The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, The African Journal of Information Systems Information, Technology & People and for conferences such as African Conference on Information Systems & Technology and  European Conference on Information Systems

 Advanced Research Techniques for Phd Students

Computers and Data Communications

Emerging Technologies

Database Management Systems Design

Health Information Systems

IT Tools and Applications

Web Design

Information Management

Information Systems Research


ICT Policy Implementation

ICT Adoption 

Information Systems

Information Technology

ICT Implementation

ICT Policy Implementation

Social Media Use



Mooketsi, B.E (2020) Factors Affecting The Integration Of Information And Communications Technology In Teaching And Learning In Senior Secondary Schools In Botswana. Mosenodi Journal.Vol. 23(1): 42-56

Mooketsi, B.E and Mutshewa, A. (2019). An Investigation of Personal and Social Mass Media Dependency Factors: Case Study of University of Botswana Undergraduates. African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science (Nigeria)

Mooketsi, B.E. (2018). An Exploratory Investigation on the Prevalence of Cyberbullying amongst Undergraduate Students in the University of Botswana. Mosenodi: Journal of the Botswana Educational Research Association (Vol 21:2)(Botswana)

Mooketsi, B.E. and Chigona, W.2016. The Impact of Contextual Factors on the Implementation of Government E-Strategy in Previously Disadvantaged Areas in Cape Town. The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, 749 (China)


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