Staff Profiles

Mr. Sekao Junior Motshubi

Master of Educational Studies (University of Newcastle, Australia)

B.Ed. Secondary Education (University of Exeter, England)

DSE (Botswana Polytechnic)

Sekao Junior Motshubi was born and raised in Botswana. At his tender age he used to help his father fix a lot of things at home.  His love/interest in technical work was further developed when one of my elder brothers went to a secondary school.  His brother did wood work and technical drawing and used to bring some of his finished projects home something which made him to one day want to become technical subject teacher. Like his brother when he got to secondary school level he did woodwork and technical drawing as some of his subject from Form 1-5. He later on after completing Form 5 trained at Botswana Polytechnic as a technical subject teacher after which he went on to teach at number of secondary schools in Botswana.  In 2001, he joined Molepolole College of Education as Design and Technology lecturer. Training continued and he became Design Lecturer at University of Botswana, where is currently.

Product design and Manufacture

Product Modelling

Materials Technology and Processes

Teaching Design and Technology

Role of design courses in engineering programmes

Modelling as a vehicle to enhance creativity

Knowledge of Materials, Technology and Processes as an important piece in design

1. Conference: Mosepedi T., Motshubi S.J. and Molwane O. B., (2019) Imparting Design Entrepreneurship Skills To Industrial Design and Technology Students: A Possible Way to Commercialize Design Concepts. In: Proceedings of the BIE 16th International Biennial Conference from 27th – 29th of November 2019 at The Grand Aria Hotels, Gaborone.


2. Journal: Setlhatlhanyo K. N, Motshubi, S J, Dichabeng P., (2017) Improving hands-on experimentation through model making and rapid prototyping: the case of the University of Botswana’s industrial design students. Global Journal of Engineering Education, 19, (3), 219-224, Australia.

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