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Mr. Rebana Mmereki

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Faculty of Business


Senior Lecturer

Location: 112
Phone: 3552220
Email Mr. Rebana Mmereki

MS Capella University

MBA, University of Exeter

BCom, UNiversity of Botswana

Senior Lecturer, Management(2014-)

Lecturer, University of Botswana,(2000-2014)

Head, Deaprtment of Mnagement, University of Botswana(2016-2018)

Acting Deputy Dean, UB(2012-2013)

Acting Assistant Director -Sales Tax(April 2000-September 2000)

Acting Deputy Director-Sales Tax (1998-1999)

Senior Customs Adminstrator, (1998-2000)

Customs Adminstrator I(1996-1998)

Customs Admniostrator II(1992-1996)

Assistant Customs Adminstrator (1990-1992)




Logistics and Supply Chain

Organizational behaviour




logisitics and supply chain management

organizational behaviour

family business

ethics and integrity

human resource management



organizational behaviour


ethics and integrity

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  4. Mmereki R.N. & Moruisi K. G. (2013). Challenges in the implementation of business process re-engineering in Botswana public hospitals, International Journal o

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