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Mr. Kabelo K. Moseki

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Faculty of Social Sciences


Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 240: Office 231
Phone: +2673552709
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  • Diploma in Statistics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
  • Master of Science in Statistics

Mr K.K. Moseki is a senior lecturer in the Department of Statistics, University of Botswana. He is pursuing his PhD degree in Statistics at the same department. He has published research papers in regional and international journals. His research interests include financial data analysis, time series, among others.

  • Time Series Analysis
  • Theory of Estimation
  • Stochastic Process
  • Economic Statistics
  • Probability

  • Time Series and Financial Analysis
  • Statistical inference

  • Moseki, K.K. & Rao, K.S.M. (2018): Empirical measures of symmetry of market sentiments, Journal of Cogent Economics & Finance, 6: 1430113.
  • Moseki, K.K. & Rao K.S. Madhava  (2017): Analysing Stock Market data-Market sentiment approach and its measures, Journal of Cogent Economics & Finance, Volume 5, 2017-Issue 1, pages 1-15.
  • Moseki, K.K. and L. Gabaitiri, L. (2015): Time Series Modelling for Push-Pull Behaviour of Economic Variables: A frontier Regression Approach, Pioneer Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics, Volume 10, Numbers 1-2, 2015, pages 1-11.
  • Rao, K.S.M & Moseki, K.K. (2011):  Analysing Volatility in Equity Indices- A Markov Approach for Botswana Domestic Company Indices. South African Journal of Industrial Engineering, 22(1): 83-98.
  • Rao, K.S.M & Moseki, K.K. (2009): A probabilistic Approach to categorize Equity Index Volatility, Management Dynamics, 4(2): 49-69.

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